Artist of the day: Anna Tosney

Next up is Anna Tosney:

curious cows first signs of spring hello

Anna is a local printmaker from Skipton who works in drypoint and monoprint.

About her work, Anna says: “In my artwork I aim to distill the essence of a subject into a bold, simple form that still retains the atmosphere and essential detail of the scene I’m portraying.

 My inspiration comes from the world around me – I love absorbing my surroundings, paying particular attention to colour and shape. I’m inspired by beautiful (Usually rainy) skies, trees, sheep, fields and (Often slightly humorous) scenes I come across in day-to-day life.

Born and bred in Skipton, the Yorkshire Dales has always been very influential.  I love to watch the sheep, farmers, dry-stone-wallers etc. in their natural environment, so spend many hours out in the countryside. There is also something special about the local landscape and weather, which plays a great role in my work.

I have experimented a lot in the field of printmaking, and developed a method, which is a mixture of two printmaking techniques  – drypoint and monotype printing, making each piece of work unique.

I start with many hours of observation, backed up with sketches and photographs. These ideas are later adapted and developed into images to be scratched using a sharp steel point onto my printmaking plate. The plate is inked up with black ink and put through an etching press to create the bold outlines. It is then inked up again, possibly two or three times, with transparent coloured ink, which is worked into with various wiping techniques to create texture and depth and carefully lined up over the original image before going through the press again. – it’s a magic process, and you never quite know what you will find when lifting the plate off to reveal the finished print!”

To see more of Anna’s work go to her website at:


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