Artist of the day: Stuart Brocklehurst

Friday’s artist of the day is Stuart Brocklehurst, a reduction linocut printmaker:

Dipper 190mm x 170mm Reduction Linocut 04 Otter 247mm x 151mm Reduction Linocut

06 Sprotborough Flash 240mm x 360mm Reduction Linocut


Stuart is influenced by Japanese woodblock artists and the simplicity of 20th century travel posters. He produces intricate prints using the risky reduction linocut method, also know as the ‘suicide’ method.

Stuart says, “Printmaking forms the mainstay of my work, its’ appeal being like a puzzle. For all the planning and working out that is done beforehand there is no certainty about the outcome of the finished image. Until with the strange alchemy of art it gradually appears through the mists of the previous colours.

 Whilst landscape and wildlife are recurring themes in my work I don’t consider myself to be either a landscape or wildlife artist. Being happy to tackle any subject I feel will make an interesting or challenging print.”

You can find more of his work at:


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