Wednesday artist of the day – Matthew Walkden

We have another screen printer for you today: Matthew Walkden

yeti girlyeti and octopusmer yetis and jellyfish

Matthew describes himself as “a Yorkshire based illustrator, graphic artist, designer and print maker with a penchant for drawing monsters, molluscs and Lovecraftian horrors and going out of my way to make them loveable. My work is fuelled by a steady diet of comic books, classic American illustration and etching and old punk art and flyers. Anything involving traditional ink drawing with clean lines.

I’ve been fascinated by printing ever since my Dad brought home an ancient dot matrix printer when I little and I figured out how to print pictures on it. In more recent years I’ve turned to print making as a way of bringing life to my digital illustrations and breathing new life into my hand drawn ones.

The zen process of screen printing and the satisfaction at the end of a good print run has come to mean a lot to me over the past few years. Recently I’ve been experimenting with lino printing too, an equally zen pursuit that pulls me out of my comfort zones and might be the start of another artistic fixation…”

Find out more about Matthew’s work on his blog:



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