Thursday’s artist: Charlotte Foster

Thursday’s treat is Charlotte Foster, a textile designer specialising in screen printed fabrics.



Charlotte says “My work is largely photography based with a graphic edge. I like to produce quirky and original hand printed textile, on a variety of different fabrics and papers.  My work is about the human face. Faces viewed through a variety of different lenses and equipment to distort, enlarge and reduce areas of the face and to see things from different perspectives form the basis of my work. The use of geometrics fragment my work as if it were a broken mirror or glass.

My inspiration comes from artist movements such as Dadaism and surrealism. My work in created from photographs and is built up on the print table using many different screen printed techniques, dyes and print pastes.

My work has been exhibited at Indigo Paris 2012, 2013 and 2014 and also at SURTEX New York 2013. I have exhibited my work at New Designers 2014 and I was entered for Texprint 2014.’

To find out more, have a look at Charlotte’s blog:

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