That Friday Feeling: Ben Whittington

Hooray, you’ve made it to Friday! Time to introduce the talented Ben Whittington:

Amsterdam2014 BadLucky SonicSilkscreenBen is a man of many talents who works as a Creative Manager for a major greetings card publisher, a graphic designer and screenprinter.

Ben says “Screen Printing gives me an outlet for my own creations, pieces of illustration or design that are inspired by or for the benefit of the Leeds Music Scene which has been a big part of my life in Leeds as well as individual pieces inspired by traveling and nature.

I enjoy creating prints in this medium as time spent in the print studio gives me the opportunity to spend time by myself away from the noise of an increasingly digital existence. It allows me to take work that may have started as a sketch on piece of paper but will have  ultimately been finished in digital software and put it back down onto paper through an organic process that brings with it unique imperfections that make each print its own.”

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