Get sorted for Christmas!

Get this year’s Christmas presents sorted early at the Leeds Print Fair on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 November at the Leeds Corn Exchange. With prices starting from as little as £5, there’s a wide choice of prints and textiles that all make distinctive and original Christmas presents.

Buy direct from 49 artists and designers: Ali Appleby, Angus Vasili, Anita J Burrows, Annwyn Dean, Ben Whittington, David Armes, Doodleduck Designs, Ellie Henson, Gavin Iain Campbell, Glenn Hustler, Hannah Hunter-Kelm, Jamie Barnes, James Bywood, James Green, Jonathan Rolfe, Kate Brooks, Kiran Lee, Kirstie Williams, Leeds Beckett University, Lizzie Ingram, Looly Looks, The Lost Fox, Lucy Freeman, Louise Holmes, Martin Copland, Martyn Smith, Mathew Read, Matthew Walkden, Melanie Wickham, Mike Sells, North Doodle Co, Olivia Bliss, Paul Esposito, Peter Knight, Print and Ink, Richard Swan, Robbie Douglas, Sebastian Burnett, SG Sketch, Shane Green, Simon Lewis, Sophie Heywood, Staithes Studios Gallery, Sun Street Studio, Susan Wright, Tim East, Tom Hardie, Vicki Munro, We Live Here.

Leeds Print Fair on Pinterest

You can now find work from all of the artists and designers who will be at this year’s Leeds Print Fair on Pinterest. There’s an amazing range of prints and textiles made using a variety of techniques, both traditional and modern. You’re sure to find something that will look great in your home.

For a sneak preview of some of the fabulous work that will be on sale, just go to:

@leedscornex    @LeedsPrintFair

Space still available for Leeds Print Fair 2017

Thanks to all the stallholders who are attending this year’s Leeds Print Fair. We look forward to seeing you there.

If you haven’t applied yet, there is still space, so don’t delay. Click here for leeds-print-fair-application-2017

We plan to make the Leeds Print Fair even better with:

  • more press advertising
  • increased social media activity
  • poster and leaflet hand-out
  • wrapping service for customers
  • customers’ comments box with free draw to win a print
  • professionally produced video and photography for future advertising and promotion
  • stalls and boards arranged to make best use of natural and artificial lighting in the hall area and to create a more relaxed environment

Kevin Holdaway – artist of the day

Today we have Kevin Holdaway:

Distant Gherkin Old View South, New York Athenean Rooftops with Lykavittos 1 of 13

Kevin is the Chief Technician at De Montfort University and has been the Senior Technical Instructor in Printmaking, since 1990. He teaches a wide range of traditional printmaking techniques including: relief, screen printing and intaglio, and enjoys passing on his skills to others who share his passion for print.

Though mainly working with imagery of a topological and personal nature, his work encompasses all traditional techniques in printmaking, and on a wide variety of subject matter. An enthusiasm for the urban environment, cityscapes, and architecture, creates a clear foundation for much of his work. The majority of prints explore one of four cities: Leicester, London, Athens, or New York. Each being cities Kevin has either visited or spent prolonged periods in, and each having effected him differently.

He works his experiences of these environments into image form: with the intention of perhaps reflecting his initial feelings on first contact; or the memories he associates with these spaces now. What might appear to be an extremely technical study of a cityscape is never just that, Kevin works with his own original fragmented imagery, re-adjusting the angles by measurements that might not be obvious to recognise, but nevertheless allow him to subtly reconstruct and bend the world around him. His prints are made up of many components, some are of a topographical nature, others are more concerned with monumentalism, but all of his works explore pattern, tone, historical context, artistic references and social comment.

Find more of his work here:

Alex McArthur – Monday artist of the day

Only 3 weeks until the big day! So today we have Alex McArthur:



Alex works with monoprint and says “I love to work to music and allow it create the mood and development of the work. I add layers of colour sometimes making torn or cut stencils as I go. Although painting is the main medium I work in this printing process provides a framework for my spontaneity. I love this painterly form of printmaking that always throws up surprises in colour, form and texture. My monoprints also provide ideas and starting points for larger paintings. I make small collections and call them my ‘song cycles’. They are usually abstract compositions, sometimes landscape and my influences include abstract  expressionism and contemporary painters such as Ian McKeever and Michael Porter.”

Find more at:

Ian Mitchell -Tuesday artist of the day

Today we have Ian Mitchell:Harbour 1Layout 1Ravenscar Rock Art

Ian says about his work:

“My approach to digital printmaking combines an interest in landscape, aesthetics and particularly design. I draw digitally and reductively, stripping away the topographical and stylising the landscape to create a logo-type symbol of an actual place. I have developed a visual approach that mediates the traditional conventions of landscape and the Modernist aesthetic, and am increasingly drawn to contemporary man-made landscapes, the concrete modernism of urban architecture. Always in the pursuit of a minimal outcome, I use the current digital technology at my disposal and experiment with print onto various commercial substrates, such as metal, glass and highly reflective surfaces.”

See more of his work here: